Thursday, July 19, 2018

Blog Writing Tips and Tricks 2018

Have you ever read blogs like Techcrunch or shoutmeloud? Wow, these guys write amazing awesome content. Why can I create content like them? You can do it if they can. Everyone can do it. Today I'm going to share with you what makes an awesome blog post. So here are some of the things that you need to know if you want to write amazing and awesome blog posts.

Blog writing

{1The first thing that makes a great one is our conversational tone. If you're writing with the words you and I you're creating a conversation with the reader they'll feel a connection with you. They're more likely to engage and your content is going to come out way better.

{2} The second thing you need to know is all about the headline. Eight out of 10 people read your headline fully two out of ten who will click through and read the rest. If the headline sucks no one's going to read your content and then even if you wrote Amazing posts no one's going to know about it. So how do you know if your content more so your headline is amazing or is going to be amazing? Go to Buzz sumotype in keywords from your space and you'll see what's popular. 

{3} The third tip I have for you is to write content that is on trending. people don't want to read old information. Sure you don't have to leverage the latest trend bright new stuff, don't write stuff that's 10 years old that may have been amazing ten years from now but people have moved on. Technology Time has changed. Make sure that your content is up to date.

{4} The fourth tip I have for you is to leverage different media formats from images, infographics, a podcast or to videos. Not everyone is text-based readers. Your blog posts don't just have to be Fully text. Also included images or infographics that tell your story. Include videos that help get your message across, also include audio clips. By doing all of this it will make your content more amazing.

{5} The last tip I have for you is to cite your sources. You don't know everything. I don't know everything and that's okay. We're all here to learn more. I can learn a lot and I don't want to ever be the person who's the smartest person in the room. I want to be the person who the dumbest one in the room. That way I can learn more. So when you're writing your content and you're researching and you're trying to prove your point and back up your claims make sure you link to other people who have already done the research and cited this information right. So in that way when you cite them and you give them credit it helps make you more reputable and it shows people that you did your homework. It's okay if you don't know everything. Use Google to research all the stuff that you don't know. That way you can make your blog post way more thorough.

once you follow these tips. Your content will be more amazing and it will drive tons of traffic to your website. Stay tuned with Technology Satellite for further updates.

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