Friday, July 20, 2018

5 Myths that Every blogger should know

When I started my blogging career I came up against many false blogging myths of all time. Many People will give you a lot of bad advice related to blogging. So, in today's article, I am going to cover all the myths related to blogging I have ever face.

myths related to blogging

{1} The first myth of blogging is that how many minimum posts we should write or how much page views we should get daily to get Google Adsense approval. I think that this is one of the biggest myth I have ever seen in the Blogging industry. The actual truth of the myth is that Adsense doesn't see the minimum number of posts or minimum traffic they only see the quality of your blog. I have seen many peoples are getting Adsense approvals with just 5-6 posts on their blogs. So keep focusing on making quality content so that Google Adsense approve your blog early.


{2} The second myth is you need a ton's of traffic to make money on blogging. Actually, the truth is you don't need tons of traffic or huge audience on your blog to make money. Don't run before money. Create qualitative posts first money will come to you automatically.

{3} The third myth I have also seen that Wordpress is better than blogger. Just think what is the main motto of Wordpress and blogger. Their work is whatever people write on them they will reach those articles to the readers. The only thing that makes Wordpress unique from Blogger is that Wordpress makes your work easy because of lots of plugins but Blogspot doesn't have this feature. It does not mean that Blogger is not good. 

{4} The fourth myth is that you have to daily publish an article on your blog This is one of the most common myth I have ever heard. Some people suggest that you have to post every day to get huge traffic or if you want to blog seriously. The actual truth is you don't need to post every day, You can also get the same traffic if you post once or twice in a week. The only thing you have to look that the quality of the post should be high.

{5} The last and the final myth I want to share is that you have to be an Expert writer for becoming a blogger. The actual truth is that you can be a successful blogger without being a professional writer. All you need is some knowledge regarding the relevant article and a bit of passion to write on it. The more you write you will automatically get better at writing.

So, That's all there are many myths related to blogging but I have shortlisted the top five myths. Do you like this article. I would so appreciate so if you Share this article with your friends on various social Platforms. 

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