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Tips and tricks for successful student blogging

Tips and tricks for successful student blogging-

Many students used to make money by doing several ways in their school life or college life. Some students do part-time jobs and some students do tutor jobs to finance their pocket money. Writing service is another great oppurtunity for students who are good at writing. The best platform for writing is Blogwriting. Blogging is not difficult and you will learn easily once you get started. So keep reading this article till last and you will get to know about tips and tricks for successful student blogging.

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Starting a blog is very easy and you will have to spend very less amount for it. Follow to steps to start a blog-
  1. First select a blogging platform. There are many platforms like google blogger, wordpress,tumblr and many more. I would highly recommend wordpress to use because it is easy to use, it is search engine friendly, has lots of features, has thousands of free themes to use and many more.
  2. Select your preffered hosting option as well as domain name for your blog. Google blogger provides free hosting with a free sub-domain like , which is not recommended, better you go for paid hosting and domain which will costs very less money. Some popular websites providing hosing and domain are godaddy, bluehost etc. BUY HOSTING BY A CLICK.
  3. Choose a best theme for your blog. You will get lots of free themes and paid themes in wordpress.
  4. Plugins are very important and makes the website looks premium. Some popular plugins like social share button, contact form, google analytics etc.
  5. Choose a intresting niche or topic for your blog.


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  1. Write true facts, don't use any false content for the sake of viewers or generating traffic.
  2. Make intresting titles for your posts. Titles will attract the reader to decide whether they want to read your article or not.
  3. Post articles regularly. So that search engine will crawl your site regularly, and you will generate more traffic.
  4. Watch any full SEO training on Full seo training by dhramendra kumar. Without SEO nothing is there.
  5. Create high quality baclinks for your blog. 
  6. Maintain your health while blogging.
  7. Make use of media. Use photos and videos whenever necessary. Make the article full of  of text rather than photos and videos. Use only 2-3 photos if necessary.
  8. Proper grammar and punctuation is very important for a post. If you have many grammatical mistakes, then readers will go away to other blogs from your blogs.
  9. Before publishing your the full article in plagiarism checker. It will tell that , your article is 100% unique or it is copied from any other source.


If you are good at content writing, then you must go for blogging as a part-time option. If you do well then you can easily earn so much of money. Blogging is a legitimate idea which you can also do in student life by giving 2-3 hours daily.


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